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Did you know that more seniors get hurt at home than outdoors? 6 out of 10 injuries sustained by the elderly occurred at home were due to accidental/environmental incidents (slip and fall, trip and fall or dark surroundings), which may be preventable.*

Certis OK! Home Monitoring & Response Services

The Certis OK! Home Monitoring & Response Services is an affordable and non-intrusive elderly monitoring solution that ensures swift and timely support for your elderly relative when alone at home round the clock. With its simple setup of sensors installed in the home, backed by an intelligent AI system, monitors the trends of activities and movement around the home and alerts when immediate medical assistance is necessary.

With Certis OK! Home Monitoring & Response Services, you can have a peace of mind and reassurance of your elderly relative's well-being and personal safety.

To cater to different needs, there are various subscription packages available for as low as 33 cents a day! Financial subsidies are available as well.

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*Source: More seniors hurt at home than outdoors Home, The Straits Times (Friday, 09 April 2010)

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